Grace – giving grace to yourself for unhealthy choices

Giving myself grace when I deviate from the plan. The plan to eat healthily. The plan to exercise regularly. The plan to just do it right.

Yep, I did it. The time when self will cave to the cravings of unhealthy choices. I went to Sam’s club to buy the staples I normally buy there; laundry detergent, fabric softener, chocolate-covered donuts:). The chocolate-covered donuts are the treat I buy for my daughter and me. I rarely go to a big box store so I don’t feel guilty when I buy them. It’s OK to have sweets occasionally. Never deprive yourself.

On the way to the donuts, I passed these big chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. I am a huge chocolate fan. I passed by them. Mmmm maybe not. I walked slowly back to where they were. Hmmm only $3.98 for 6 of them. To me, that’s a good deal. I am not one to pass up a good deal. But I did. I passed them right by to get the chocolate-covered doughnuts.

Returning on my route through the store, I had to pass by those darn muffins again. I already resisted them twice. My willpower gave in. It is not every day I buy chocolate muffins with chocolate chips I rationalize to myself. You guessed it, I bought them.

Upon returning home, after putting the groceries away, I poured myself a glass of almond milk and sat down for a treat. Boy was it delicious. Then the mind sets in: What did I just do!

It is ok to indulge in a sweet sugary treat that just blows your mind away; to give in to the temptation. Just cannot be an everyday occurrence. This is not something I do every day. I give myself the grace to honor me when I may not make the best choices. I did count the calories on the app I count calories on. I did go over the number of calories I should be eating in a day. And this is OK.

I honor my choices. I honor my body. I honor me. I give myself grace!

giving yourself grace to indulge